About Us


Kung Pao Bistro is an American-Chinese restaurant in West Hollywood, located at the northwest corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax in the Whole Foods shopping center. We have been serving the Greater Hollywood area since 2001, blending traditional and modern flavors for a dynamic new take on Asian-American cuisine.


We specialize in traditional dishes of China and Taiwan, but the chef/owners local and world travels have also influenced our menu to incorporate Thai, Japanese, Singaporean and American flavors. We strive to prepare the best Asian American cuisine in West Hollywood using only the freshest, finest ingredients with options for meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike.


We have worked hard over the years to provide our customers with the best quality food that separates us from the rest. We only use fresh white meat chicken in our poultry dishes and our soups are made with organic chicken bone broth. We were one of the first Asian restaurants to use exclusively Angus steak for our beef dishes. We we always use high quality Pacific North and South American white shrimp. Our Vegan and Vegetarian meat substitutes are the same ones used in high-end health food establishments. All of our vegetables are sourced fresh and NEVER frozen. Our promise here is to never skimp on the quality of our ingredients.



Our Food


Along with an extensive food menu, we also have 4 different wines on tap, 8 seasonally rotating beers on tap, craft beers by the bottle, and a full liquor bar for our customers to enjoy. 


Kung Pao Bistro is open Sunday-Thursday from 11:00AM-10:30PM, Friday from 11:00AM-11:30PM, and Saturday from 12:00PM-11:30PM. We are open 365 days a year for dine-in, take-out, delivery and catering. We have lunch specials (11am-4pm) AND great happy hour specials (4pm-6pm and 9pm-close) available 7 days a week. Whether it’s your average Tuesday night, or Christmas Day (the busiest day of the year), Kung Pao Bistro is here to serve you.


Given our location in West Hollywood, we have been graced by the presence of many celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Forest Whitaker. We have even been lucky enough to have one of original dishes, Robot Chicken, used as the name of the same show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robot_Chicken). Co-producers Seth Green and Matthew Senreich were loyal diners at Kung Pao Bistro, and graced us by using the name of a dish they ate here for what would become their multiple Emmy award winning show.

People Enjoy Our Food


Terrific. Food is DELICIOUS. The veggies are crisp and fresh and cooked to perfection not mushy like a lot of Chinese places. NOT at all greasy. The House Special Crispy Beef is awesome. I recommend it highly. The Veggie fried rice has huge chunks of fresh vegetables. You can tell it i all made to order.

The best Chinese anywhere in Hollywood. The staff is friendly and helpful. I have only one complaint and this is not their fault. The Whole Foods parking lot is a NIGHTMARE, which is why I rarely go to this place. The ninny hipster yuccies (young urban creatives) who shop at Whole Foods combined with the parking lot attendants dressed in paramilitary gear looking like they are suited up for a SWAT team raid, is an unholy alliance that is pretty unbearable, even for Candied Walnut Honey Shrimp.....BUT Kung Pao does have a few spaces, like very few, and if you are lucky you can get one and then it's all ok, if you can dodge the pan handlers who hang out at the bus stop right there, not get dirty looks from the stuck up Whole Foods jerks and not get bossed around by the Delta Force wannabe parking attendants.

Lex G., Los Angeles, CA


You know what? I heart this place big time. Could be that it wasn't crowded on a Saturday night, we sauntered in here on a whim and slowly guzzled our food in rapture. The servers were obliging and we had a set of 3 long tables all to ourselves along the back wall by the kitchen door. It was cozy, cute, perfectly lit, romantic and to my surprise I dug the smallness of this site. It might look claustrophobic to some, but where we sat was great.

The House Special Crispy Beef, glazed in sweet garlic ginger, oh-my-heavens give me more! And to pair with, we chose the House (Chicken) Fried Rice, tasty and a huge portion.

Not sure what this place is like when it's packed, but last night we ate during an ideal time. I can totally high five the hostess, waitresses and waiter (I did high five him btw) who tended to us, they are well trained in customer service etiquette.

Chiante M., Anaheim, CA

Generally, I'm not a huge fan of Chinese food, but I definitely like Kung Pao Bistro's Californian spin on the cuisine. Lots of healthy, local ingredients and fresh vegetable options. I live close by, so it's my standard option for Chinese food, although I'll shamefully admit that I enjoy eating at Pei Wei occasionally...

Kung Pao Bistro is open on Christmas, and rightfully busy on that holiday, but their Eat 24 delivery service is also very convenient. Delivery fee is nominal, order can be placed online, and delivery is quite prompt. Great for those days, when I can't leave the apartment for some unfortunate reason or time constraints.

I regularly get the following dishes: Robot Chicken, Egg Flower Soup, and Black Pepper Chicken. I can vouch for those 3 dishes being really tasty and probably healthier than many other Chinese restaurants.

Service is accommodating on the times where I do actually eat at the restaurant. It's also worth mentioning that they are open quite late too!

Shane H., Los Angeles, CA